Brooke J.

Where to begin? As I was hanging Christmas ornaments tonight I found the ornament I made out of tree bark. It's the memories that mean the most. The women are all so nice and open to learning new things and meeting new people. There is no judgement, no pressure. Just fun!

My first experience...many years ago, safe within my comfy home, I bravely mark off my choices for a B.O.W. in Illinois...when my confirmation came back I freaked a little...what was I thinking? canoeing (never done before) rapelling (yikes) wild edibles and bow...I was amazed that "I did it!" every teacher was wonderful and I was able to do every class (a little tired but the good kind of tired) I do believe that was 8-9 years ago..I have made new friends every time...some of my friends from the first B.O.W. are still very good friend now aqnd we travel to other states for B.O.W. I am not sure what else to say except it was a life changing experience and I go every year to several B.O.W."s in different states...

Mary S.

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Angie S. 

First of all, I just have to say that I LOVE the BOW program. I started going at the Winter BOW 2009 and it was a life-changing experience. The confidence and self-esteem I gained by the activities that I participated in are things that I'm not sure could have been achieved any other way. When I tell people that this program gave me the chance to sleep in a quinzhee (a snow cave we made ourselves,) they think it's awesome (and that I might be a little crazy to WANT to do that~)But I DID it!!


Since that first BOW I have only missed a few workshops and I can honestly say, I will move mountains to make sure that doesn't happen again. My first session back reminded me of why I NEED BOW. The encouragement and camaraderie, as well as life experiences, are something you have to participate in to understand. The women are amazing. The instructors are the most caring, patient people you could ask for. The classes are interesting and some very unique. There are definitely things I may never have had the chance to do otherwise!


Personally, I go to BOW for renewal. It helps me get in touch with nature in the beautiful surroundings of Treehaven. It rekindles friendships that may only be twice a year, but are deep bonds based on shared experiences, many of which that are new and exciting! It takes me out of my 9-5 box and reminds me there is more to life than I get to see in my normal day to day. During the BOW weekend I experience things I never dreamed of and EVERY time I go, I have more gut-busting laughs...It really is the best therapy imaginable!!


I also need to note, I am NOT an Outdoor's Woman by any means. I prefer to buy my food at the store and like to go on vacations where there is indoor plumbing. Even so, I still get so much out of the program!! It is not a learn how to hunt, or live off the land program, although if those are your interests there are classes where you CAN learn about those things! This program is for any woman who needs to be reminded she can do ANYTHING! I highly recommend it to EVERY woman period!!

Welcome to BOW Colorado! 


BOW Colorado had an amazing time at our BOW weekend this past July.  Through our many dedicated sponsors and the support of The Colorado Wildlife Federation, we will once again had the BOW program in the beautiful state of CO at the Colorado State Universities Mountain Campus in Bellvue, CO.  Check out our FB page to view some great photos and learn about the classes.  


Due to COVID-19 the 2020 BOW Summer Program will be cancelled.  

Thank you so much for your support and we can't wait to see you next year!



Maureen Mika
BOW CO Program Coordinator

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"Many questions were asked and answered and there wasn't one 

person who felt intimidated by their lack of knowledge."


"This was the most rewarding experience I have ever participated in."

"I can't believe what this weekend did for my self esteem."



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